So, remember how yesterday I posted that blog post about this contest that’s due in 4 days? Well, I was looking through all of the (5 now) entries earlier today, and I found out that at some point today, they changed the deadline to July 22nd. I assume that it was because if they ended it when they were planning to, then they wouldn’t have very many entries. So, they extended it, which kind of saddens me, since I was hoping that, if I were to win, I would know by July 15th (the original last day of voting). But since they changed the dates, voting now ends on July 29th, so I won’t find out if I won until the very end of July. And then, if I win, I probably won’t see any prize money until mid-August. And that frustrates me just a little bit since, by that point, school will be back in session, and I won’t have a ton of time to work on films w/that fancy new DSLR that I plan to buy.

But that’s it for today’s rant. I might blog again tomorrow.

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